4 Inspirational Working Mom Movies you Must See

Working mom movies

You are one busy mommy!  Long hours at work, long nights up when your child is sick. Long commutes, last minute stops at the supermarket to get milk.  Soccer practice, ballet recitals.  Parent/teacher conference, business conference calls, angry bosses, and you find find yourself spread thin. Let’s not forget your hubby begging for your attention too. You can’t seem to catch a break.  Ah if life was like in the movies… you could just yell CUT!

If you are a working mom, here are 4 Inspirational Working Mom Movies you Must See.  These 4 women are smart, determined, strong, and loving mothers that figure out how to make it happen… and they do it all while looking darn cute too.  So this weekend, if you get a chance… rent one of these inspiring movies. I promise that in between laughs and tears will relate in more than one way.