4 Inspirational Working Mom Movies you Must See

Working mom movies

You are one busy mommy!  Long hours at work, long nights up when your child is sick. Long commutes, last minute stops at the supermarket to get milk.  Soccer practice, ballet recitals.  Parent/teacher conference, business conference calls, angry bosses, and you find find yourself spread thin. Let’s not forget your hubby begging for your attention too. You can’t seem to catch a break.  Ah if life was like in the movies… you could just yell CUT!

If you are a working mom, here are 4 Inspirational Working Mom Movies you Must See.  These 4 women are smart, determined, strong, and loving mothers that figure out how to make it happen… and they do it all while looking darn cute too.  So this weekend, if you get a chance… rent one of these inspiring movies. I promise that in between laughs and tears will relate in more than one way.


Getting Your Child to Love Reading

Helping your children enjoy reading is worth the investment of your time and energy.

Getting your child to love to read

Kids will learn reading skills in school, but often they come to associate reading with work, not pleasure. As a result, they lose their desire to read. And it is that desire—the curiosity and interest—that is the cornerstone to using reading and related skills successfully. I’m one of those kids. When I was little my parents were readers and as such they wanted me to be a reader too. Unfortunately… reading became a shore, a task, something I kind of had to do and was expected to do and like most kids would, I lost interest. As a teen, then reading became a need… I would read books just to learn and practice my English.  One time, my dad gave me “The millionaire Mind” and said… “As homework, practice translating the first chapter”. He had the best of intentions… but the method was not very enticing when teens just want to hang out with friends or maybe just read for fun. Then came college and reading again was for knowledge and projects, not for recreation. Now as an adult my desire to read lit up again. And as a mother my desire for my child to to love reading. As a result I bought a Kindle a few years ago and it has become one of my favorite gadgets ever!


Raising kids to be thinkers

Raising a thinker

Raising kids to be thinkers

Think big, You become what you think about,  Knowledge is power… You’ve probably heard one of these cool thinking quotes that may have resonated and made you think…no pun intended. Here is one of my favorites – “thinking is the talking of the soul with itself” by Plato. But basically the word thinking is defined as the process of using one’s mind to consider or reason about something.  Sounds pretty important eh?  Well it really is.  Since our thoughts are programming our lives at the rate of 1300 to 1800 words a minute, 24 hours a day, it is extremely important what kind of thoughts we allow in our minds.  If we are constantly getting negative input, our programming is going to be largely negative, which in turn, will hinder our ability to live happy and healthy lives.


10 things moms should keep in the car at all times

10 things mom should keep in their cars

10 things moms should keep in the car at all times.

I have about an hour commute to work each way. So basically I spend 2 hours a day in the car from Monday – Friday and on the weekends  I drive around running errands, taking the little one to ice skating class, ballet, visiting the grandparents, play dates, birthday parties  etc etc etc. Some days I feel like I spend more time in the car than in my house.  Needless to say that with spending so much time in the car, something is bound to happen and you will be needing some essentials… With the right arsenal of supplies, you’ll be ready. Well, maybe, because with kids, you just don’t know.


12 Secrets Working Mothers Know to be True

Beach day baby

12 Secrets Working Mothers Know to be True

1. I’m so sleep-deprived I regularly lose my keys only to find them in the front door lock and my cell phone which is actually in my hands.  However I seem to be on point when dealing with customers, writing a request for proposal and making decisions all day.

2. I secretly cherish the TGIM… at least for a moment. That Monday morning you enjoy a hot cup of coffee and feel like an adult again. By Wednesday though you are already wishing for the weekend again so you can play on the floor with your child once again.


Is it safe to microwave food in plastic?

good containers for the microwave
Containers I use in the microwave
Is it safe to microwave food in plastic containers?
Have you ever heard or received an email from a friend about the dangers of microwaving our food in plastic containers and how it can put you at a greater risk of
infertility, diabetes, obesity and cancer?  I sure have, and although this may sound over alarming, scientist today are concerned and conducting a lot more research on this matter. There is evident increase in the reliance of a group of chemicals present
in almost everything we use today, from plastic water bottles, soda cans, cosmetics, toothpaste and hairspray.

Money Management for Kids – Raising a penny-wise kid


Raising a penny-wise kid is of great importance to our family.
Until the age of 13 I had never seen a credit card or even heard of the concept of “charging” a card at a store and then paying later. My concept of money was simple; save, save and use wisely because we don’t know what tomorrow might bring. As a child growing up in a communist country, the concept of Capitalism was sacrilegious. (that’s a story I will share later). However the basics of money management were still elementary – You don’t spend what you don’t have, and you save for the future. 
We live in an in debt, over stimulated world. It is technically considered “good” to have “good” debt to establish good credit. We have home loans, car loans, school loans and the list goes on. As with anything worth learning, the best and most well-received knowledge comes to us when we are children. This is why I think it is critical to start teaching our children how to manage their money at a young age.

Berry Healthy 4th of July – Keeping it light this year

I love a good juicy burger, especially on the 4th of July! I also like all the cheesy sides, corn on the cob covered with butter, and warm apple pie (seriously drooling as I type). However I’m on a health kick and trying to lose some weight here, and the 4th of July is only two days away. What to eat, what to eat…?  I need to stay in check! I have promised myself to work a little, I mean a lot harder on making better food choices, so healthy version 4th it is. I’m a foodie, so flavor is a must.

I have put together a healthy menu for this Saturday. No creamy potato salad or corn casserole this time, but I’m definitely having a good quality burger with some awesome lighter sides and non-fat all natural fruit dessert.