12 Secrets Working Mothers Know to be True

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12 Secrets Working Mothers Know to be True

1. I’m so sleep-deprived I regularly lose my keys only to find them in the front door lock and my cell phone which is actually in my hands.  However I seem to be on point when dealing with customers, writing a request for proposal and making decisions all day.

2. I secretly cherish the TGIM… at least for a moment. That Monday morning you enjoy a hot cup of coffee and feel like an adult again. By Wednesday though you are already wishing for the weekend again so you can play on the floor with your child once again.

3. Traveling for work is not vacation. Yes, I get to stay at a nice hotel, eat at fancy restaurants, get a break from the crying and sleep uninterrupted. But I’m home sick and wishing I could kiss my child good night.

4. Personal hygiene standards are more flexible now than before. Basically skipping a shower, or two here and there is not that big of a deal. I wear a pony tail or bun because I didn’t get to wash my hair in the morning, not because I’m being trendy.

5. There is spit-up or snot on my blouse. I actually saw it before leaving the house, but I’ll be late for work so I ignore it. I’ll get most of it off with a wet wipe or scratch it off with my fingernail.

6. When I reach into my purse or briefcase now to pull out a pen or a business card it takes me a lot longer than before. That’s because I’m rifling through a bag of goldfish, a couple of small toys, a bunch of lose broken crayons and a spare diaper.

7. I curse myself for not pumping gas before getting home after picking my little one from daycare. Now I have to do it in the morning and add more stress to the morning routine.

8. Wet Wipes on hand, Always! However after pumping gas before going to work that morning, I’m happy I have wet wipe and sanitizer at hand.

9. I have nothing but appreciation and respect for stay-at-home moms. Thanks to you my child gets to enjoy a well organized fund-raiser, those awesome cupcakes at the bake sale,and  your volunteering to chaperone the class field trip.

10. The daycare teacher is my boss. It doesn’t matter how many people I’m the boss of or what the org chart says. I report to my baby-sitter/daycare. If they are not happy, then I’m not happy. But ultimately I report to my child.

11. I feel guilty for not cooking a hot meal every night. If I leave it up to my child she will eat chicken nuggets and mac and cheese for dinner every day and be a happy camper, however frozen vegetables and prepped meals save the day.

12. I’ve discovered inner strength and power I never knew I had.  Some days, I still don’t know what I’m doing, but I am doing it.  I’m taking care of my family and I’m taking care of business. And I’m proud of myself.

And although most days I’m tired and overwhelmed and think this is all really hard right now, I know this will pass.  One day my little one will no longer run to me to hug me with sticky hands, yell from the other end of the house to tell me she finished doing potty, or need me as much as today. The nest will be so so empty, calm and quiet. And I will miss these crazy and hectic days!


  1. lourdes says

    Hola carino, estoy orgullosa de ti cada articulo que escribes me encanta y aprendo cosas nuevas sobre los secretos de una mama joven trabajadora. Te quiero.

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