About Me

Hello Working Mommy!
I’m Claudia and I’m the Working Mommy behind the scene.
I have spent the past 10 years working at a private Managed Care Company in the Workers’ Compensation Industry. Currently, I’m the VP of Operations. I’m also the President of my household!  I’m the mother of a beautiful, sweet and playful little girl and the wife of my night in shining armor and high school sweetheart.

As a working mommy, juggling family and a career can get overwhelming.  Deadlines, dance recitals, new clients, pre-school events, overnight business meetings, hubby time, making dinner, preparing lunches, trying to squeeze in a hair appointments, mommy this, mommy that…. AHHHH

This blog is about the juggling of motherhood, marriage, and a career while not loosing touch with yourself.  So follow me on this hectic and rewarding journey. We can hold hands along the way while trying to keep it all together. I’ll share my secrets with you and you can shares yours with me.