Touch a Truck

Kids paint firetruck - Touch a truck

This morning my little one had the chance to get up really close to her favorite big trucks, police cars, fire engines and more!  What better time than the Saturday before Father’s Day. She was able to sit behind the wheel, honk the horn on a garbage truck, and explore the cool service vehicles she sees on the road every day.

Touch a Truck Firetruck
Touch a Truck Firetruck

“Look mommy I’m driving”


Smart Car Police Car

South FL summer weather can be brutal, but as typical, we had a 10 minute rain cloud to cool us off. Vicky did not skip a beat… she took coverage in a tiny tiny police car.


Touch a Truck - Tractor

We ran into good friends. “Hey little Many… look at the camera!” But No Way… he was having too much fun.


Popping Bubbles

Vicky was the bubble blaster! She popped… ten, eleven… don’t know, I lost count!


Popping Bubbles

We had a great morning! Thanks Javi for the heads up and letting us know about this event.

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