Working Mommy Support System

Working Mommy Support System
We all need a little support and encouragement. Happy mommy, happy child. For those who are juggling work, kids, marriage and everything in between… tackling it alone can be a difficult uphill battle. There is wisdom, insight, and extra helping hands that can be gained from friends, family or colleagues who have been there and have learned what it takes to prevail.

Betcha you’ll love this Bechamel Lasagna

Looking for an awesome hot dish to make for your family this weekend? Why not make an amazing home cooked lasagna – the way I learned to make it back in Cuba when I was 9.
My family and friends love this dish so much that every time there is a family gathering they request it. The secret to this dish is the MOTHER of all sauces –  The Bechamel.
The Bechamel sauce is also known as white sauce in America and is made from a roux (butter and flour, then slowly adding milk).Bechamel SauceSo here is the recipe for my famous (locally) lasagna. I hope you enjoy it as much as my family doesVIEW STORY »

Are we damaging or helping our children?

Are children damaged when moms work? Or are the kids better off if mommy spent some time at work? 

Making the decision to stay home with your kids or join the workforce can be a very difficult process. As
a working mom I faced moments of sadness and guilt, specially when
I returned to work and my daughter was only 7 weeks old. However, I
certainly see both side of the coin. I felt confident that I was ensuring financial stability and prepared for unforeseen circumstances.  I am proud and thankful to have an
excellent support system, a gratifying career and still able to enjoy

Little sous chef

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My 4 your old is an amazing sous chef!
Child labor? No way! Just another way of spending quality time together and teaching my daughter the importance of preparing a good home cooked meal at an early age. As I opened the packs of grass fed strip steaks, you can imagine her face of horror…. “Mommy are we going to eat that dog food?” I couldn’t contain my laughter. She stared at me with a serious face probably wondering why I was almost in tears… tears of laughter. So I proceeded to explain that the steaks were cow’s meat yada yada yada. “But Mommy, who killed the cow?” “How are we going to get the milk now, I want milky?” And at that time I wish I would have been recording to savor her innocence for the rest of my life.