Little sous chef

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My 4 your old is an amazing sous chef!
Child labor? No way! Just another way of spending quality time together and teaching my daughter the importance of preparing a good home cooked meal at an early age. As I opened the packs of grass fed strip steaks, you can imagine her face of horror…. “Mommy are we going to eat that dog food?” I couldn’t contain my laughter. She stared at me with a serious face probably wondering why I was almost in tears… tears of laughter. So I proceeded to explain that the steaks were cow’s meat yada yada yada. “But Mommy, who killed the cow?” “How are we going to get the milk now, I want milky?” And at that time I wish I would have been recording to savor her innocence for the rest of my life.
She helped season the steaks, sprinkling the herbs on both sides as she wore a red cowgirl hat she found in the closet (her sous chef hat). She also seasoned the potatoes and green beans with rosemary, salt and pepper, and olive oil. Good thing we didn’t have any company as she kept licking her fingers.
Dinner turned out great. Hubby grilled the steaks to perfection.
Best of all, we had dinner together at the table.
What do you like to cook with your sous chef? LMK in a comment below!
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    My two assistants in the kitchen, or helpers, as they call themselves, love it when I make avocado salad, chocolate chip cookies, or ham croquettes. They "steal" pieces of the ingredients and laugh thinking they are getting away with it, while I pretend I don't notice. It's great bonding time and it teaches the small things that'll be useful later in life without them even realizing it.

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