Working Mommy Support System

Working Mommy Support System
We all need a little support and encouragement. Happy mommy, happy child. For those who are juggling work, kids, marriage and everything in between… tackling it alone can be a difficult uphill battle. There is wisdom, insight, and extra helping hands that can be gained from friends, family or colleagues who have been there and have learned what it takes to prevail.

Before reaching the point of chaos, or throwing in the towel… here are seven of my life saving secrets.1. Turn to family and friends:  Let’s face it, there is no substitute for family to support and encourage you when you have run out of gas, and I don’t mean the gas that road side assistance can help with. I mean you gas, that mommy energy that comes out of nowhere when you most desperately need it. Sometimes just talking to someone you care about can lift you up and help take the weight off your shoulders. Having someone listen always helps me feel supported and understood, which in turn encourages me to look at things differently and gives me that friendly kick in the butt to carry on. Let’s not forget that these folks will come to the rescue when you are running late from work and won’t be able to make it to pre-school before 6:15pm to pick up your child… Thanks Nanna, (my amazing neighbor), for being my hero last week. Thanks mom and sister for always being there when I have to travel overnight and everything you do. Thanks babe for being the best father and loving husband that you are.2. Find what interests you:    Reading more, going to the movies, a coffee or cocktail with a girlfriend, listening to that secret music genre that nobody knows you like during your commute, taking a dance class… get the point? Engaging in mind-expanding activities are very healthy distractions. It leaves less time to brood or stay down for too long. Why do you think I started a blog?3. Outsource and Delegate:    Time is of the essence when you are a working mommy. Trying to maximize family time is very important to me specially with our somewhat opposite schedules. Identifying the tasks that you need help with and those who you can delegate or outsource to are key. For me is help with cleaning the house. I am not the best at deep cleaning, I’m slow at it and not very thorough. For me outsourcing this task allows me to spend my short weekends with my family and running other errands that I normally can’t get done during the week.

4. Essential Oils: Essential Oils Support Physical and Emotional Well-Being. I diffuse, Serenity, Balance, Citrus Bliss and other mood enhancing oil blends from dōTERRA®  in my office daily. In the evening I defuse Lavender essential oil to help us sleep. These oils promote tranquility and a sense of balance in my busy life helping me keep it all together, not to mention they make the house smell amazing.


5. Get moving:    Have you ever done a workout or a group exercise class and said, WOW that felt good? Yeah, that feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. Exercise helps let off some pent up energy and steam. There is nothing like a good workout to stimulate your endorphins (happy hormones). The after-effects can last up to three hours and put you in a positive frame of mind. This is one that I really need to focus on and stick with. Easier said than done… I need you to hold me accountable now so I remain consistent on this one…
6. Take a short, affordable trip, just the two of you:    Reconnect!  Go to the Florida Keys, a big city such as New York City, the Moon… wait a minute not that short of a trip – and partake in the cultural treasures they have to offer. A change of scenery may be all you need for a pick me up and rekindling of the flame within you and your partner. Works for me… wink*
7. Make a little time for yourself.   Whether it is getting your hair or nails done, taking a long shower, watching that TV show you recorded on your DVR three weeks ago, or squeezing in a few more pages from that novel trilogy, always make some time for yourself. You will be in a happier mood and those around you will be happy that you are.
What are your mommy support secrets?


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